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      Porton Biologics ranks among China’s potential unicorn companies in 2021

      On June 29, the 2021 Report Conference on China’s Unicorn Companies & Suzhou Cooperation and Exchange Fair was held in Suzhou. The Report on China’s Potential Unicorn Companies in 2021 was released at the conference. Porton Biologics, a professional CDMO company in gene and cell therapy , was listed in the report.

      Unicorn companies refer to few fast-growing start-ups favored by investors, playing a positive role in leading innovation and advancing transformation of old and new growth drivers. As backup force of unicorn companies, the potential ones are future stars with greater development potential and growth, pathfinders of new tracks, and promoters of outbreak growth in all scenes.


      Since its foundation, Porton Biologics has realized rapid development, and built up an integrated CDMO service platform of plasmid, viral vectors, and cell therapy. After the completion of its first-stage project, the company continues to make active moves towards commercialized production. The second-stage project, located in the BioBAY Phase III with an area of 16,000 square meters, will enhance AAV process development in gene therapy and GMP production capacity. Currently, the construction of the project is in full swing. It will comprehensively increase the productivity of products in GMP plasmid, viral vector, and cell therapy. In April, Porton Biologics announced closing of the A-round financing of 400 million RMB. This milestone event will accelerate the company’s capability expansion in commercialized production, and help build a gene and cell therapy service platform with international influence.

      Selected as one of China’s potential unicorn companies, Porton Biologics is acknowledged with its fast growth and development potential. Porton Biologics, as a spearhead force in gene and cell therapy, will press ahead with innovation as its development energy, and stick to the principle of "customer first". Led by the brand concept of "compliance, expertise, focus, and open cooperation", the company will provide global customers with fast, reliable, and end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO service.


      About Porton Biologics

      Founded in 2018, Suzhou Porton Biologics Ltd. (Portonbio) is located in Suzhou Industrial Park. As a subsidiary of the listed company Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. (Stock Code: 300363), Porton Biologics has built an integrated CDMO platform covering plasmids, viral vectors and cell therapy for early studies, investigator-initiated clinical trial (IIT), investigational new drug (IND) filing, clinical trials and commercial production, in order to advance clients’ product into clinics and beyond.

      Porton Biologics attaches great importance to gene and cell therapies. Building on the successful experience of Porton with a cohort of world-class professionals, Proton Biologics adheres to the service tenet of "Customer First" and the brand concept of "Compliance, Expertise, Focus, Open-Collaboration". As it seeks to inherit the strong IP protection and project management system as well as the rigorous quality management system of its parent company, Porton Biologics aims to make full use of the successful experience of the core team in bringing gene and cell therapy products to the clinic and the market, and to provide quality services to global customers, thereby enabling public’s early access to good medicines. http://www.syxhmy.net/


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